Q. Can I become credentialed without graduating from an AVMA acredited school?

A. No, you must graduate with a degree in veterinary technology plus have passed the VTNE. Having a biology, or any other degree, does not make you eligible to sit for the VTNE.

Q:  My name and/or address has changed, who do I need to contact?


A:  NJVTA: [email protected]


Q:  What is the difference between a veterinary technician and a veterinary assistant?

A:  Visit NAVTA -Veterinary Team Members


Q:  How much does membership cost? 

A:  Membership for Credentials Technicians or Credentials Assistants is $80.00 bi-annually. Membership for Non-Credentialed Technicians or Non-Credentialed Assistants is $50.00 a year. Student membership is free.


Q:  Can I become a member if I am a student in a Distance Learning Program but live in NJ?

A:  Student memberships are free to ALL veterinary technology students, regardless of collegiate affiliation. Also, if you are a college student in a related field and employed as a veterinary technician or assistant, membership is free for you as well.


Q:  How do I register to take the VTNE?

A:  If you are a graduate from an AVMA-accredited program, you may visit www.aavsb.org for instructions on how to register for the exam.


Q:  When does NJ administer the Veterinary Technician National Exam?

A:   Please check www.aavsb.org for  the most up to date information.


Q:  Once I take the VTNE, am I automatically certified in NJ?

A:  No, you must apply through www.NJVTA.com.  Please wait for verification of your passing score to apply. Click here to go to the application.


Q:  Can I belong to multiple state organizations?

A:  Yes, and you may also utilize multiple designations, such as LVT, CVT, etc., as long as each remains current in the state where obtained.  Be aware, though, that all states are sovereign; they make their own rules and may not recognize a credential from another state.


Q:  What are the requirements for renewing my credentials?

A:  CE Requirements: 20 hours every two years.

  1. Copies of CE certificates must be submitted with renewal.
  2. CE constitutes attending or participating in a program designed as enhancement, not primary, education.  CE may include, but is not limited to: in person attendance at lectures and wet-labs, online CE, journal readings with quizzes that are submitted to bona-fide CE provider.  If question as to whether a certain program is acceptable. please ask at the time.   Race-approval currently not required.
    1. Local, state, regional and national meetings will be accepted, as well as online CE. Examples –  NJVTA, NJVMA, AAHA, AVMA, AALAS, VSPN, VetMedTeam, ACVC, Pfizer, Abbott, Idexx, Hills NAVC, CVC, WVC, NEVTEA, BCC/VT Club, ACVIM, Dental Forum, IVECCS, Veterinary Schools/Universities, other Vet Tech State Associations and other state VMAs, other specialty organizations, such as dental forum, derm, zoo, behavior, rehab, international meetings, etc. where a certificate or letter is generated.
    2. If candidate is the speaker, instructor or wet-lab presenter, CE hrs will be given on a 1:1 hourly basis for time presented.  Please include copy of the program that states you are the presenter.
    3. If candidate has an article published as CE for others, then the same # of hours will be awarded to the author as the participant.  Please submit relevant information. Presentations or CE articles must be from within the time period of registration for which CE is needed.
    4. Attendance at exhibits.  If CE provider’s attendance sheet provides a spot for hrs spent in exhibit hall, and candidate has attended such, candidate may include up to 1.5 hrs./yr. or a total of 3 hrs. out of the 20 required for renewal in this manner.  This is a maximum. of 15% as exhibit hall attendance.
    5. Business, human behavior and other types of CE may be submitted to a maximum of 75% of the hours needed.  25% (5 hrs.) must be technician/scientific-type CE.
    6. Examples of activities that are not considered CE are training of staff as part of regular employment, supervision of staff, authoring of texts or articles, except as outlined above.
  3. CE hours obtained and submitted within the current credentialing period (i.e. January through when candidate submits renewal application) may not be “re-used” for the next credentialing period.



Q:  When is the renewal period?

A:  The renewal period is the month of January.


Q:  What are the requirements for certification for technicians wishing to transfer to NJ who have previously taken the VTNE?

A:  Graduate of an AVMA-accredited Technician/Technology Program (Two or Four years, including accredited distance learning) and a passing score on the VTNE or the NJVTA will allow for Certification by Reciprocity from another state for Veterinary Technicians when the following is true: a.) Applicants have received a passing score on the VTNE b.) Applicants are active “members in good standing” in the state’s credentialing organization, whether it be a state board agency or technician association.


Q:  What are the requirements to transfer to another state?

A:  You must visit www.aavsb.org  and find the state in which you wish to be credentialed. Follow that particular state’s requirements.

The NJVTA does not guarantee nor imply that reciprocity will be granted when transferring to another state from New Jersey due to differing educational, work experience, and licensing requirements.