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Our member directory exclusively lists CVTs whose credentials are current, with all included members credentialed through December 31, 2024. If a member's name is absent from this list, it indicates they are not presently credentialed.

CE Requirements

CE Requirements for Re-Credentialing with the NJVTA

Updated July 15, 2019

The NJVTA credentialing committee will conduct random audits throughout the year, beginning in January 2020, to assure that  CVTs are current on their continuing education requirements. CVTs are required to display proof of valid continuing education within 4 weeks of notice. Please retain all CE documents within the last 2 years to assure that you are prepared if audited. You are required to show 10 hrs./yr. or 20 hrs./2yr.  CE certificates must be saved in preparation for random audits. Management, human resources and other types of CE may be submitted to a maximum of 50% of the hours needed.  50% (10 hrs/yr.) must be technician/scientific-type CE.

If proof is not supplied, membership will be revoked immediately and a reinstatement fine will be charged. Extended lapses in credentials will be evaluated by the board on a case by case basis with adherence to current credentialing requirements.  Please be aware that lapses in credentialing may affect your ability to transfer between states, as well as your ability to acquire additional certifications (i.e. VTS)

Examples of acceptable CE include:

  1. Attending or participating in a program designed for Continuing Education, CE may include but is not limited to: in-person attendance at lectures and wet-labs, online CE and journal readings with quizzes that are submitted to bona-fide CE provider.  Currently, The NJVTA does not require RACE-approval for either in-person or online CE.

Examples of in-person-CE:

    • Local Conferences: NJVTA, NJVMA, NJVTCC, hospital symposiums
    • National Conferences: AAHA, AVMA, ACVC, VMX, WVC, CVC, Fetch, AVMA, NAVTA
    • Specialty Conferences: ACVIM, Dental Forum, IVECCS, AALAS
    • Industry Sponsored CE Events:  Zoetis, Idexx, Hills, Jurox, BI
    • Any other Vet Tech State Associations and Veterinary Medical Associations CE Events

Online Resources: The NJVTA encourages attending meetings and conferences for in-person CE as much as possible for the additional benefits of networking and collaboration with your peers; however,  the NJVTA understands in-person CE is not always feasible and will accept online CE for renewal. Ideally online CE would include a quiz that acknowledges your understanding of the material. Examples of providers:  VSPN, VetMedTeam, Vetbloom, Fear Free, RECOVER, VetGirl

  1. Authors, Speakers, Attendance at Exhibits:
    • If the candidate publishes an article they can be awarded 1 CE hour for each publication. If the candidate has a peer-reviewed article published as CE for others, then 2 CE hours will be awarded to the author. CE articles must be from within the period of registration for which CE is needed and cannot be repeated.
    • CE hours can be acknowledged as credit if the candidate is the speaker, instructor or wet-lab presenter at a recognized event. If the candidate presents a topic as CE credit for others they can be awarded 2 CE hours for every hour of lecture. Presentations must be from within the period of registration for which CE is needed and cannot be repeated. Please include a copy of the program that states you are the presenter.
  1. Attendance at exhibits: If an exhibitor provides an informational session in their booth that provides a certificate for attendance, the CE hours will be honored as stated.

The following is NOT acceptable as CE:

  1. CE obtained and submitted in previous renewals.
  2. CE obtained outside of the renewal period, even if not submitted prior.
  3. Classes completed for primary education (i.e.: classes for college credit).
  4. Activities that include training of staff as part of regular employment and supervision of staff.

Any questions regarding the renewal process or acceptable CE can be directed to